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Luis Moreno Ocampo's unique exposure to International Criminal Court (ICC) proceedings mean he is uniquely equipped to consult on a variety of global law and security issues. During his tenure at the ICC, his office examined 18 situations in five continents, started investigations in 7 countries and requested arrest warrants or summons to appear against 27 individuals, all them top leaders of the organizations that committed massive crimes, including three heads of state. He oversaw the presentation of 8 cases before the Pre Trial Chamber to confirm the charges (a form of preliminary hearing) and prosecuted four individuals in the first three trials. As a consequence of the UN SC referrals, he briefed the Security Council twelve times on Darfur and twice on Libya. Many stakeholders with different agendas, including perpetrators, victims, NGO’s and States scrutinized all these activities. This diversity required a complex public communication strategy aligned with legal expertise.