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Promoting Integrity Through United States Anti-Fraud Laws

Our main focus, in association with Getnick & Getnick LLP, is to seize the unique opportunities offered by US legislation to prevent and control fraud and corruption. Getnick & Getnick’s creative use of US whistleblower laws and the RICO statute on behalf of companies and governments has led to recoveries of more than a billion dollars. We aim to promote integrity and foster the efficient functioning of markets around the world by enabling companies to use US laws to curtail competitors’ illegal practices, recover monetary damages due to fraud, and transform their compliance mechanisms into profit centers. 


Facing Massive Crimes

We help design pragmatic political and legal strategies to end massive violence and protect marginalized groups. We have provided advice to clients in Libya and Venezuela on accountability and transitional justice. We advised the Colombian President and the leaders of the FARC guerrilla to promote a ground breaking peace agreement and we are currently assisting the victims of the Yazidi Genocide on ways to investigate the crimes perpetrated against them and secure justice. We are committed to regularly undertaking pro bono work for indigent clients.


Resolving Conflicts Created By Biased Judiciaries

We develop innovative strategies to manage situations where individuals or companies are unfairly prosecuted around the world. We are committed to only working on cases where there are clear violations of basic fairness standards. We work in conjunction with our client’s counsels, to analyze the issues and provide key strategic recommendations to find tailored solutions whether they be legal, political, or in the public relations sphere. We have worked on such cases in South America and Europe.