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Moreno Ocampo LLC helps companies and individuals to face problems with transnational dimensions.  We are a specialized team focused on anti-corruption, assisting victims of mass atrocities and biased judiciaries. We are highly selective in accepting new clients; we work only for what we consider to be good causes.

From 2012-13, Luis Moreno Ocampo was the Chairman of the World Bank's External Panel of Experts on the Padma Bridge Project. From 2013-14, his consultancy company based in Uruguay analyzed the violations of the Inter-American Convention of Human Rights during the provisional detention of three investors ordered by an Uruguayan judge. In 2015, Moreno Ocampo LLC assisted Hassan Tatanaki in his efforts to mitigate violence in Libya. Currently, he is providing an expert opinion to the Polish Minister of Defense to help clarify the circumstance of the 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash in Smolensk, Russia. In particular, Moreno Ocampo LLC is advising on legal pathways to recover the plane's wreckage from Russian authorities. Moreno Ocampo LLC is also a member of the expert council of the PMI Impact initiative. The PMI Impact, financed by Philip Morris, oversees a selection of projects combatting illegal trade. It is also working on two cases of unlawful prosecutions in Spain and Greece. Finally, Moreno Ocampo is a member of the Inter-American Development Bank Advisory Group on Transparency.

Moreno Ocampo LLC pro bono work includes advising the victims of the Yazidi genocide and providing advice to various stakeholders of the Colombia peace agreement; including the Colombian President and FARC guerrilla leaders.